Update: To-Do

I was recently inspired by a to-do list I wrote in my first year in college. After reading through it and seeing that I accomplished everything on the list without realizing it, I decided to keep on with the lists.

This was my last updated to-do list written on January 2, 2014:

New Year, new to-do list. I’m not good at resolutions, I’m good at lists (no, difference, I know).

2014:1. New job.

2. Invest.

3. Pay off credit card debt.

4. Hone creativity: create clips, take classes, learn something new.

5. Read 1 book each month.

Last year my list had 10 items, this year, my list has the 5 items I didn’t cross off last year. I call that progress.

Actually, I replaced “travel” from the old list with “invest” because, luckily, I already have trips planned for the year so travel is a given. Investing is a new interest I really want to pursue because I don’t want to work forever.

In summary, the five items I crossed off last year:

1. Save enough to move out, and get the courage to tell Dad.

2. Move out.

3. Cook more.

4. Re-connect with people who I love and who keep me conscious.

5. Survive at my current company (this really should’ve have been on there).


Unless someone has stolen my identity and committed a felony in my name, I think I can cross the first and most important thing off my list.

Here’s my new list:

1. Start a new blog for my partner and I to log our travels to Baja.

2. Sign up for a class/program.

3. Renovate our new home.

4. Pay off credit cards.

5. Write one sentence a day. Spend at least 25 minutes a day reading for pleasure/serious interest.


Did you say clouds and sunsets?

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Need to learn.

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me leaving your party

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Grand scheme

I just watched the sun disappear behind the ocean and suddenly I feel incredibly silly. Why have I been so stressed out? There’s so much more. And I’m so minuscule in the midst of it all.

Apong, always

She had two habits that perplexed me during my childhood:

1. She mourned my grandfather’s death by wearing black every single day until she died, 15 years later.

2. Whenever my uncle, her first born, came to visit, she would hug him, and weep. And weep.

I think my memory tries to keep her out. Lest I begin to weep.


I used to love school because of all the learning. I’m thankful for the three years I’ve spent outside of school because I struggle with tunnel vision and I would’ve missed so many lessons had my head been buried in books this entire time. When I go back to school, I’ll have a far better balance than I did before.

Gratitude has been my biggest lesson. I’ve learned it from so many different people. I’ve learned so much from people in general. I value human connection more than I ever have because of this.

I’m experiencing a heavier than usual amount of stress at the present moment combined with a strange assortment of calm and exhilaration. In a culmination of angst brought on by my stress tonight, I yelled at my partner. There were reasons but no excuse. I was plain mean. He sat next to me in silence as I hurled insults and expletives his way. And after all was said and done, he kissed me, told me he loves me, and would talk to me in the morning as it would be best that we sleep separate tonight to avoid being mean to each other. He text me shortly after to remind me of things I need to do before bed.

What the hell do you call that? Love is too simplistic a word.

I have such a long way to go. I’m so glad to be moving.


My mother lived from August 20th, 1963 to December 25th, 1990. She was 27 years old when she died.

The closer I get to 27, the more anxious I feel.

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